Historic Postcards of
Hamilton and Middletown, Ohio

Hamilton                   Middletown



Municipal Building

Downtown Skyline viewed from Rossville

Soldier's, Sailor's and Pioneer's Monument

Post Office

High Street looking east

High Street looking west

Anthony Wayne Hotel

Masonic Temple

Lane Public Library

Butler County Courthouse

Rentschler Building

New Hamilton High School (demolished)

Woodrow Wilson Junior High School (demolished)

Young Men's Christian Association

Young Women's Christian Association

Mercy Hospital (demolished)

Fort Hamilton Hospital (demolished)

Potter's Park Golf Course Club House

Municipal Water Works



State Route 122 Viaduct (demolished)

Manchester Hotel

Post Office (demolished)

Telephone Building

Roosevelt Junior High School (demolished)

McKinley Junior High School (demolished)

Community Center

Armco General Offices (demolished)

Armco Research Laboratory

Young Men's Christian Association (demolished)

St. John's Catholic Church

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